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Stack Exchange API 1.0 Imminent

07-08-10 by . 7 comments

Remember that totally awesome Stack Exchange API contest we announced on May 23rd? Specifically, one of the rules of the contest?

Your app must work against the final, 1.0 released version of the API. We’ll give you at least a week’s notice here on the blog when that’s closer to happening.

Well, if you’re planning to enter this contest, you might want to get a move on — the 1.0 release of the Stack Exchange API is imminent! We plan to bless 1.0 of the API this Friday, July 9th.

Due to the many Area 51 sites we’re launching, things are a bit busy. That’s good news, though, for my fellow procrastinators — it means we’re extending the deadline for the API contest slightly. We now plan to pick the contest winners in the first week of August.

So, if you’re thinking of entering the contest, you still have a few weeks to build something prize-worthy.

visit and start building awesome stuff with our API!

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Justin Nelson Jul 8 2010

Thanks for giving the devs lots of time to develop against a static api.

Bremen Jul 8 2010

“We’ll give you at least a week’s notice.” “We’re blessing it tomorrow.” Uh, wha?

Justin Nelson Jul 8 2010

Bremen, it was announced a while ago that the api was going 1.0 on the 9th.

I believe it was on the site.

@Justin: Yep, it was on the site for a while. Plus, we’re getting a few extra weeks to mess around.

Oh good! Now maybe stack3D has a shot.

Just a reminder to everyone – check out:

…for a well-organized list of apps.

Oh… and one quick question:

Are apps entered AFTER July 9 eligible for the contest – or just the ones before?

Bremen Jul 8 2010

@Justin: I don’t particularly mind, it’s just quite ironic to quote something and then immediately contradict it. “We’ll give you at least a week’s notice here on the blog” — note the “here on the blog” part, to respond to your “it was on stackapps” comment.